Turning bath time into a pleasure

When young parents bathe their newborn for the very first time, this is an exciting time for all involved. Many parents worry that they will do something wrong.

Caring For Your Baby's Skin – Soft and Smooth Skin Thanks to Baby Cream

A newborn's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's. It is much thinner and its natural protective layer is still developing. Many parents wonder whether they should moisturise their baby's skin or not.

Sore Baby Bottoms – Prevention

If you find that your little one's bottom is irritated or red in the nappy area, there is no reason to panic. It is important to act, however, as your child could be in pain.

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Neurodermatitis in Your Baby - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Neurodermatitis is one of the most commonly-occurring skin disorders in babies and toddlers. The resulting itching puts enormous strain on the child.

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Gentle and proper care of baby skin

"As soft as a baby's bottom" – that is a commonly used comparison. And it's true, your baby's skin is extremely delicate, which is why it is also so sensitive.

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Dry skin in babies - what helps?

When we think of babies, soft, delicate skin usually springs to mind. However, if a newborn has areas of dry skin, redness or flaky skin, young parents in particular are quick to become concerned.

Sensitive skin in children - what can you do?

Itchiness, redness and sore areas of skin are stressful - not only for the children affected. It is of course a major concern for parents, who often feel helpless when their child constantly needs to scratch or is in pain.

Rapid help for babies and children with rough skin

When a baby's skin feels rough to the touch, this is a sign his or her moisture level is out of balance. Read on to find out how to take the best possible care of your child's skin.