Caring For Your Baby's Skin

A new-born’s skin is much more sensitive compared to the skin of adults. It is much thinner and its natural protective layer is still developing.
Many parents wonder whether they should moisturise their baby's skin or not.
In general: Regularly applying baby cream can indeed help to better protect babie’s skin from environmental influences and shield it from disorders and nappy rash.
However: Less is more! Too much care can be harmful. But don't worry, you will find the right level of skin care as you will quickly see whether your baby has dry skin and therefore needs more care.

Baby cream and lotion - When and how often to use?

There is nothing wrong with moisturising your baby’s skin as soon as he or she arrives home. It is important to observe your baby's skin requirements. If it is unusually dry, you can use baby cream once or twice a day to moisturise your new-born’s skin e.g. with Little Lino Lotion Light.
If your baby suffers from nappy rash, which is very common, you should use a special balm on a regular basis like the Little Lino Nappy Cream.
If no skin problems occur, moisturising your child after bathing should be sufficient.

Note: Air-conditioning can dry out skin, making it itchy and flake. To protect babies’ sensitive skin a moisturizing cream on the face and body can be used. This will keep it smooth and supple.

The best lotion and cream for your baby's face, body and bottom

Different circumstances require different measures, which is why there are numerous skincare products available for babies, such as nappy cream, face cream and barrier cream.
Whatever product you choose, always make sure that it matches the special needs of your baby's sensitive skin. In general, there is no need to have different products for your baby's face and body. A special baby face cream is therefore unnecessary.
If your child suffers from what is known as baby acne, just carry on carefully moisturising him or her and leave the spots alone. They will disappear on their own in a few weeks at the most. If you are unsure, ask a midwife or paediatrician.
If your child has a cold and is therefore suffering from sore skin around the nose and mouth, it is best to rely on a mild nose balm.
Your baby's bottom also profits from a protective cream - as a preventive measure and not just when it starts to get sore. If your little one has sore areas on the bottom, you should rely on the special barrier creams.

How to moisturise new-born’s skin

If you want to moisturise your baby's delicate skin, make sure you have created pleasant surroundings.
The room temperature should not fall below22° Celsius as your little one is sensitive to the cold and to catching colds. A heat lamp over the changing table is especially pleasant in this situation.
Make sure your hands are warm and rub some baby cream on them before you gently put it onto your baby's skin.
Moisturising is not just a personal care routine. Gently stroking your baby has a positive effect on his or her physical and mental well-being. A A soft massage also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your newborn. Why not combine moisturising with a gentle baby massage and include it in your weekly routine as soothing one-to-one time with your baby?

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